We do not guarantee that any part we provide will fix your vehicle due to misdiagnosis or other causes unrelated to the part purchased.
ELECTRICAL PARTS are warrantied for EXCHANGE ONLY. The part must be tested by GMFLASH, LLC or Spartan Autoworx, LLC to ensure it is defective. There are no warranties on items that show abuse, neglect, environmental damage or improper installation.
Our warranty policies are based on the reality that some people try to take advantage of the module programming system. Instead of using proper diagnostic procedures, some people resort to trial-and-error parts swapping when they don’t know how else to fix an electrical problem.  As a result these customers returns are based on trial and error diagnostics.  When electrical parts they have installed do not fix their problem, they want to return them and try something else.
Improper installation or testing can easily damage Electrical/electronic parts.  Vehicle electronics especially modules are very sensitive to voltage, it does not take much of a voltage spike to ruin a component.
Unplugging a wiring connector while the key is still on can create a momentary voltage surge. Crossing up the wrong wires or using the wrong test procedures can also damage sensitive electronics. Any of these and other testing situations can internally damage a module and neither you nor I have any way of knowing whether or not the part has been used or damaged.
Because of such risks, we do not allow returns on any electronic components. This may seem unfair to some customers, but it protects the next customer who might get a bad part that had been returned.
GMFLASH, LLC has maintained its excellent reputation through selling quality modules and module programming that work for the informed customer.  
Cores and defective items cannot have any signs of physical or environmental damage. They must be returned in the original unblemished factory packaging if applicable. If core items are found to have any physical or environmental damage you will be responsible for all fees related to handling that part. Defective items must be returned within 14 days from date the item was delivered.
Defective Guarantee
99% of all products sold by GMFLASH, LLC and Spartan Autoworx, LLC are warranted for 30 days from the date of the original invoice. Defective items will be exchanged only, no exceptions.